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Installation of the Kora lighting fixture

Installation of the Kora lighting fixture

Kora lighting fixture

Kora lighting fixture

Kora ceiling fitted lighting fixture

Kora ceiling fitted lighting fixture


Aluminium lighting fixture available in a wide range of ratings. The interior aluminium reflector provides improved performance. Light bulbs not included.

Manufacturing details: classes, installation, electric voltage and protection

  • Manufactured in the UE
  • Earth connection
  • Special ignition point
  • Units per packaging
  • IP 20 protection
  • Voltage and frequency

Reference table, bulbs and dimensions of the model

Characteristics of the models Kora
Model Bulb/tube-holder Bulb Dimensions
LxAxH (mm)
Weight (Kg)
6550.124.PL G5 1xT5FQ/24W 1095 x 55 x 55 2.20
6550.139.PL G5 1xT5FQ/39W 1390 x 55 x 55 3,00
6550.224.PL G5 2xT5FQ/24W 1730 x 55 x 55 3,20
6550.239.PL G5 2xT5FQ/39W 2320 x 55 x 55 4,20

Other versions and accessories

Lighting fixtures


Legal Notice, accessibility and corporate email address

Midava Iluminación, SL Work: Avenida Castell de Barberà, 15-17, Nave 2.
Polígono Industrial Santiga

08210 - Barberà del Vallès (Barcelone, Spain)
Telf: Work: +34 93 718 11 29. Fax: +34 93 718 78 71