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Constant innovation in interior decorative lighting

Uru wall mounted lighting fixture

Uru wall mounted lighting fixture

The Midava Iluminación, SL, catalogues reflect, year after year, the innovation and evolution in the manufacturing of decorative lighting devices in order to meet the market trends and requirements.

Midava Iluminación, SL, since 1980, has specialised in interior fluorescent lighting fixtures, providing new and exclusive designs with the necessary technology to achieve maximum lighting and energy saving.

Midava Iluminación, SL, constant effort in the evolution of the different product lines (ceiling fitted lighting fixtures, floor standing lighting fixtures, wall mounted and suspended), ensure optimum lighting and an elegant integration in any decoration, in addition providing savings in the energy consumption of the home or installation. Our lighting fixtures are installed in all types of buildings: private homes, offices, institutions, hotels and museums.


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Midava Iluminación, SL Work: Avenida Castell de Barberà, 15-17, Nave 2.
Polígono Industrial Santiga

08210 - Barberà del Vallès (Barcelone, Spain)
Telf: Work: +34 93 718 11 29. Fax: +34 93 718 78 71