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Powerful lighting fixtures, elegant and energy sustainable

Elegant lighting fixture with optimum consumption

Elegant lighting fixture with optimum consumption

When we design indoor fluorescent lighting fixtures, our requirements is to make the product produce the best lighting with the lowest energy cost and that it is also compatible with any interior decoration.

Thus, all our products meet these requirements.

We design, develop and manufacture elegant and discrete lighting fixtures, appropriate for each part of a home or workstation that does not stand out from the general decoration. Our lighting fixtures can be found in corridors in businesses, factory warehouses, offices or bedrooms.

We manufacture lighting fixtures that provide the appropriate light power to each room, equipped with T5, TC and classic fluorescent tubes, and we achieve, with the inside reflectors, the appropriate height and ideal tube power, very little consumption for a energetically sustainable lighting.

Browse our catalogue choosing the type of lighting fixture you require (suspended, ceiling fitted, floor standing or wall mounted) or the bulb/tube-holder used by the bulb/tube.

The clients registered in the system may access more detailed information on the lighting fixtures as well as the recommended prices of the lighting fixtures in their most basic finishes.

Lighting fixtures


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