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Midava Iluminación, SL (Midava) corporate website has been programmed favouring the highest levels of accessibility, equivalent to category A corresponding to standard WCAG1.0.

Keyboard shortcuts

Following the WAI standard recommendations, keyboard shortcuts have been established in order to make the browsing of the main distribution elements of the website easier, with the exception of the hypertext links that are included in the body of the text in the pages and the side and auxiliary menus for different finishes or versions in the pages including the details of the products.

The shortcuts are shown in the table located on the right hand side of this paragraph. Depending on the browser and the platform used, the activation key can either be ALT (Option) and Control (CTRL). The number assignment of the shortcuts has been carried out in accordance with the international recommendations in this aspect with regards to the website standard elements.

If Internet Explorer is being used in a Windows platform you will need to press ALT, the alphanumeric key and Enter or Intro to access the desired page directly. With the Mozilla browsers, you only need to press the key ALT and the indicated destination key. In the Apple platform, the ALT key is replaced by the CTRL key.

The essential buttons of the pages also have an ordered tabulation, being possible to go from one to another element of the menu and of the auxiliary menus by pressing the tabulation key.

Ajax non obtrusive

Practically all the elements that have a higher degree of interaction by the visitors have been programmed with Ajax applications. The requirement for the selection of the Ajax applications has been for these to be non obtrusive, enabling maximum accessibility or, when applicable, an alternative to the visitors with difficulties to access all the information included. The basic development platform is MooTools, but specific applications have also been developed.

External applications

The website has a wide range of informative material in PDF format. In order to access the same a PDF reader is required. The user may use, if applicable, readers of the operating system (in Mac and Linux platforms), the Adobe Reader or any other free software that allows accessing the same. In general, the text of the PDF files may be copied and pasted to other text documents.

In addition, it is possible that at some point the user may find text documents (preferentially TXT and RTF), spreadsheets (XSL), presentations (PPT and PPS) or compressed files in ZIP format that will require specific applications in order to access the information included in the same. An economical alternative is the use of Open Office, which is free.

Use of mobile devices

The appearance of will have slight modifications to be adapted to the mobile requirements when the pages are browsed from the same, especially from the Apple IPhone and Apple IPod Touch (with the versions iOS 3 y 4). In this case, the enlarge option of the images and graphics, and the Flash animations are deactivated; the telephone numbers included at the foot of the page become links that allow an immediate call; and the contact page shows a form specially form adapted to these devices. The iPad tablets receive a page width adapted to the screen of these devices. And the telephones with an Android system can browse the programming blocks using the operating system tools.

Certification and standards

The website has been programmed following the specifications of the XHTML 1.0 Transitional language, without layout tables and based on CSS styles. The Consortium W3C has validated XHTML and CSS: Valid XHTML  and Valid CSS.

logo AccesOK

The website has been certified by AccesOK, overcoming the most demanding accessibility controls.


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Legal Notice, accessibility and corporate email address

Midava Iluminación, SL Work: Avenida Castell de Barberà, 15-17, Nave 2.
Polígono Industrial Santiga

08210 - Barberà del Vallès (Barcelone, Spain)
Telf: Work: +34 93 718 11 29. Fax: +34 93 718 78 71